CloudMade - Still Going?

Is CloudMade> still viable? I thought I might make use of the editable style sheets for a map I want to publish, but when I went to their map it appeared to be horribly out of date, at least for my area. According to their FAQ:

“We are currently updating our services on a Weekly basis. Usually our data is less than 2 weeks old.”

However, that appears to be no longer the case.

What’s up?

I’m seeing updates on about that schedule in my neck of the woods.


I’ve seen similar things. Map changes dating from sept 8 that are still not present on Cloudmade.

Looks like some tiles have been rendered using the new data. Perhaps they are importing the data everyweek but just can’t render tiles fast enough to keep up with all the changes.

Thanks. I finally found how you got that view with the additional data rendered. But, I could only see those additional road when using the “Fresh with more POIs” style (ID 2666) and then only at zoom level 14. Closer in and it all disappears….