Cloudmade maps and strange POIs?

I use cloudmade maps on my Garmin Legend HCx. Lookin at the POIs I noticed strange behavious. For example if I select fuel services from my garmin, it shows nodes that are tagged as shop=convinience along with actual gas stations. Also Auto services will give me nodes that are tagged as amenity=bicycle_parking (but not amenity=parking). Also looking at “community” Pois lists also banks (which are also listed in banks). anyone else having the same experience or is it just my Garmin acting up?

I live in Finland and I use Finnish map .

Afaik the Cloudmade maps are designed to enhance the visibility of OSM data that might be wrong such as roads without name, perhaps also tags that their garmin map exporter does not recognize as ‘correct’ maps.

Can you try this garmin map of Finland and see if that map behaves the same? Thanks.

That is because the cloudmade maps are not routable. Search the routable ones and all that will work.

Lambertus: After a quick 5 minute test, the map you suggested has POIs that make sense. Though I like cloudmade maps as they are updated quite often and the corrections are reflected there quickly. Besides seeing things on JOSM or it’s also nice to see how it appears on GPS. This map I tried now is dated 2008-07-23, which is older than my mapping history :).

Skywave: I don’t understand what routing has to do with a location of a POI? I’m not looking for a route to the POI, location of the POI is enough. And looking at the POIs also gives me a change to validate that data. For example, I’ve updated missing cafeteria names, changed wrongly tagged POIs (a shop was tagged as restaurant etc). In that sense, it’s good to have all those POIs in the map and in right categories.

Routing has nothing to do with POIs. The problem is that when you define a POI to be displayed, you have to give it a category. If that category is wrong, or different from how Garmin uses it, then it will show up, but found at the wrong places in the search function. Best have a look at the differences and file a bug report/email to the developpers of the cloudmade maps. Maybe they didn’t even notice.