cloud obscures buildings on Bing imagery

I am adding residential buildings via Bing satellite imagery using Josm or Potlatch2 and cloud obscures some of the buildings.
In Australia I only appear to have access to the Bing imagery and also Australia - Geographic Reference Imagery which does not assist either.
Is is possible to roll back to a previous image for the area or is there a different solution. I would like to use the Google imagery but I assume that is not permissible.
I am unable to do my own aerial shots.



You are not the first one asking for older BING images because of clouds on the newer ones.

Only topic that I can remember in this context is

But we have to be sure to have permission to use for OSM purposes, and we need enough detailed zoom …

PS: If you want to embed a picture file here at OSM forum, you need to host it on any public cloud space and write the link here.