Clmbing (not as a sport)

Hey good people of OSM, I wanted to know if we have a tag for rock climbing that you “need” to do whilst bushwalking, not the one you do as a sport. I’ve stumbled upon but it doesn’t seem like it has what I want. Anybody has any information about this or an idea how to deal with this? Thanks in advance.

How about sac_scale=* for a short section of trail?

Hey Viajero, thanks for the reply. Although that’s a great scaling system, what I’m really looking for is a certain way of telling people there’s a 6-metre scramble with an average degree of 14% etc. Specific, precise and clear. Being able to use the safety_rope tag and other complimentary tags would be the icing on the cake.

For example; this track has 2 different scramble options on its southern end. I’d like for people to know how technical each one is. Thanks :slight_smile: