Client for placing notes, highlighting roads?

Hello everyone,

I’m wondering if there’s an offline client that lets me place notes and highlight roads/buildings/areas for my personal viewing.

Most clients seem to be focusing on the editing of maps while enforcing OSM standards, and I’d love to contribute to the project at some point, but isn’t there a simple client (for GNU/Linux distributions) that focuses on the planning and documentation of trips and tours on already existing roads and areas?

I tried JOSM and Merkaartor, which both seem to be editors that enforce OSM standards. I also tried Atlas, which at first seemed to be the right software for me, but it seemed really limited.

I hope I don’t sound too demanding. I’ve just recently discovered the depth of detail OSM provides, and I can’t wait to go on tours to later document where I’ve been, and what to see next.


A very simple client and editor for GNOME on Linux:

JOSM is intended for editing, but it can be fitted for your needs with filters. For instance: Create a special tag, e.g. “myNote=” and add it to the buildings of interest.

To highlight only the buildings that have personal notes, you can use the following filter:


Or you could have two custom tags. myHighlight and myNote, and filter based on myHighlight.

For info about filters, see:

it is maybe not this what you want ? →

or maybe Mapsme ? →