Clicking POI


It would be great that clicking on any POI on the map it showed POI’s information (like in Google Maps). If it is not possible it would be great adding the possibility in the future. It is possible?

Thank you

Click the “?” at the right. Click on the map wherever you’re interested, then click from the list of features at the left.

You could also take at some other maps that are made with OpenStreetMap data, e.g.

I know it, but clicking the (?) is slower and more difficult than clicking the POI.

Clicking the (?) adress tags arae ordered by a way I think it is confused. It is possible to order different adress tags? It has not sense first tag:addr:city; second tag:addr:country; third tag:addr:housenumber; fourth tag:addr:postcode; fifth tag:addr:street.
It would be better: first tag:addr:housenumber; second tag:addr:street; third tag:addr:postcode; fourth tag:addr:city; fifth tag:addr:country.

It was only a suggestion. Thank you.

The tags are just ordered in alphabetical order. The UI is mainly meant for mappers. Unfortunately there are no websites that I know of that are based on OSM and are an end-user alternative to commercial map providers.

BTW, did you try openlinkmap or openpoimap ?

OpenPoiMap is here.

Ok thank you, it was only a suggestion, I thought OSM is an end-user alternative to commercial map providers.
Thank you for your replies