Clean up community index?

I noticed that your community index seems a bit outdated? E.g., it’s missing this community forum even

It’s important for new mappers to be able to easily find other mappers

We have cleaned it up for Norway, e.g., removing the mailing list that had very little usage. You are promoting a mailing list with even less activity than ours, only TomTom has posted to it in 2023 :slight_smile:

The code is here: osm-community-index/resources/europe/finland at main · osmlab/osm-community-index · GitHub


It probably could use an update! I’m not sure if some active finnish communities are missing from the list.

First I was a bit confused of this community index, I hadn’t heard of it and didn’t really see it’s importance. But this data is used when iD shows you local communities after making an edit. So it’s quite visible information and would be good to keep up to date.

And if code is too complex - in my experience filing issue on their issue tracker also worked well!