Classification of highways in Nepal

Dear all, we have still the problem with proper highway classification in Nepal. I suggest to collect here ideas and dispute the problem. Personally I use often in district 2 highway=truck and highway=path. Maybe one dedicated wiki page in nepali language would be helpful? I think, without many examples we can not get attention of nepali mappers…

I hope this new Nepal forum will help

  • to start discussions about existing mapping problems

  • and find solutions.

I,personally, have a lot of mapping experience; but my local knowledge of Nepal is really poor.

So Nepali mappers are strongly invited to contribute.

Concerning the road mapping, Marek just mentioned:

I updated the wiki pages of NHs, Feeder roads and district roads. Here I listed the official data sources of the governement. Old data sources (mentioned by me years ago in the old forum) are no longer available.

Special question : where on the digital version of the „Statistics of National Highways (SNH)2020/21“ can be found?

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There are several issues with proper highway classification in Nepal. A lot of Nepali mappers are confused among tagging since they tend to classify road focusing on the quality of road rather than the importance of road.

The wiki pages of NHs, Feeder roads and district roads created/updated by @Heinz_V are really helpful.

Inside, there is (DOR: SSRN) which shows Strategic Road Network i.e. National Highways (NHs).

But while mapping, I mostly use Online Map - Nwash. This website is dedicated to Water Supply but it also has layers of road networks NHs, District Roads, Urban and Village Roads. We can turn off water supply amenities layers and turn on Road layer with OSM in background and we can use it as a proper reference for editing highways in JOSM.


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I downloaded admin levels for Nepal where I can see 80 districts relations. There are 67 districts with a tag name:en but non is refered by a number. Please provide the link to this District 2 OSM relation. For highway=truck, Do you mean highway=track or trunk ?.

For the OSM 2015 Disaster Response in 2015, we did classify roads around Katmandu but I dont know the local discussions in Nepal since then.and what contributors think of the Highway Tag Africa - OpenStreetMap Wiki which has exactly this objective to classify roads based on importance. It also describe the surface tag to document the quality of the road.

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As far as I know, the districts do not have numbers. The provinces have been numbered in the time, they were created. Now even here numbers are no longer used.

Consense to the „Highway Tag Africa-Wiki“ about road classifications.

We have the problem, that some NHs have been declared, but till now only constructed in parts (NH2,5,9). How to classify these not constructed parts? (under construction??)

See Key:construction - OpenStreetMap Wiki where construction and proposed tags are described with images how construction is rendered with carto style.

For example, if construction of a primary highway is started, we tag

  • highway=construction
  • construction=primary
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  • highway=construction
  • construction=primary

Good idea.

We have
Here NH parts are displayed as „earthern“, „under construction“, „planned“…
But when I look at all sat images, it seems that these data are not confidential.
So how to know, whether a NH is under construction?

I personally use highway=path when the area is too remote and the width is about 1.5 to 2m in length. And highway =primary when the width is 7 or 7.5m long. I think I am not off the topic?