Clarification for OSM and symbols

I am new to OSM.
I have the document
This document describe set of rules for certain zoom.

There are rules that uses an image (svg) objects, e.g:

And there is CSS for canal-lock in the same file:
.canal-lock {
fill: none;
stroke: #ffffff;
stroke-width: 0.1px;
stroke-opacity: 0;
marker-mid: url(#canal-lock);

And finally, at the bottom of the document there is:
<svg:marker fill=“none” id=“canal-lock” markerHeight=“5.9px” markerUnits=“userSpaceOnUse” markerWidth=“5.9px” orient=“auto” refX=“1px” refY=“5px” stroke=“#000000” stroke-width=“0.75px” stroke-opacity=“1” viewBox=“0 0 10 10”>
<svg:path d=“M 1,0 L -2,5 L 1,10”/>

My Question is, Where does the canal-lock image is obtained from. i could not find that svg on the site, and my map seems to not working well since its looking for this image.

The link you posted is related to the rendering sogftware Osmarender.

This software is no more in active use via the “official” and semi-official websites in the OSM universe.

The renderung software that is the main component in the OSM server stack is Mapnik … see

So I recommend to adapt your solution to another renderer than Osmanrender to get up-to-date support.


Thanks for answer, let me explain.
We display the map using internal tool, the only thing we took from osmarenderer are the rules themselves (as found here:
We take these rules (lets say osmarenderer rules language) and convert them to our own tool rules (another rules language), and thats it.

My new question is, Where are mapnik rules located at ? who updates them ? where can i download/view them. Maybe i can adjust our conversion tool to mapnik rules structure instead of osmarenderer rules structure…

The default mapnik carto-CSS Style used on is available at;