City of Cape Town Aerial imagery

How would I add the latest City of Cape Town ortho image to iD editor?

GeoServices / Aerial Imagery_Aerial Imagery 2021Mar (MapServer) (

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For iD editor: add a custom background and use this URL:{width}&height={height}&srs={proj}&bbox={bbox}

In JOSM use WMS and use this URL:
Make sure to choose image/jpeg in JOSM to get full speed.

NOTE! The above URLs have IP address restrictions and may not work from all IPs. eg: Lithuania is blocked.

I am currently setting up a caching proxy for imagery…
I will then update the default South African imagery in GitHub - osmlab/editor-layer-index: A unified layer index for OSM editors. once done

PS: I have created a site which displays all the different City of Cape Town aerial imagery: OpenStreetMap - City of Cape Town Historic Aerial Imagery

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Are we allowed to use it? The website doesn’t show a free license and I couldn’t find anything about it at Contributors - OpenStreetMap Wiki

Yes we may use imagery from the City of Cape Town OpenData portal: editor-layer-index/South_Africa_CapeTown_2017_2018_Aerial_Imagery.pdf at gh-pages · osmlab/editor-layer-index · GitHub

We also need to attribute the use of the imagery (not the derived new work) to the City of Cape Town.

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