Cities in Portugal

Excuse me for writing in English, I guess it is a well known topic, but to me it seems there are too many place=city objects in Portugal, some of which don’t appear to fit well with the definition of the tag in the wiki.
I am aware of this prior discussion, which didn’t involve a lot of different people, that’s why I opened this thread.
I would subscribe to most of the arguments by @Marc_Mongenet although I don’t think Laziness, Dogmatism or Short-sightedness are the reason, and to stimulate a constructive discussion these terms are less suitable, to say it carefully :wink:

Hi, @dieterdreist .
Sorry for the late reply.

As I mentioned here and in the discussion page of place=city tag, the Portuguese community debated and voted the place=* tag hierarchization in Portugal based on the national law and on the wiki definition of “to identify the largest settlement or settlements within a territory, including national, state and provincial capitals, and other major conurbations” and is very aware of the dissonance between this approach and others which are based on ambiguous, non verifiable and inconsistent data.
You can check the actual status of place=* tag in Portugal here.

That said, you’ll have to explain why in your opinion there are " too many place=city objects in Portugal" and what is the definition of city that you’re referring to.

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