Church and School Campus

Hello all.

I am brand new to OSM, and thought I’d make a few edits. I started with a local church/school that I go to that didn’t have any data entered, and I immediately ran into some issues I’m not sure how to handle. So I’d like a little advice, if someone knows:

The church and school are connected buildings on a more or less rectangular plot of land in the middle of four roads.

Do I mark the entire rectangular plot as an amenity as church or school (or better, can i do both?)

Do I single out the buildings individually as generic buildings? The church and school are one building connected. Should I create a closed way around each section and label each appropriately, or create a single generic building? If I do a generic building, how do I set it up as a church AND school?

I think that covers the initial issues I have. I can’t think of any other questions about this at the moment, because my head is spinning with all the options I have to understand.

Thanks in advance,


Welcome to OSM! This is a tricky problem because of the unique use of the building. Since they are both of type ‘amenity’ and cannot be both at once, I’d just draw the building as building=yes (you can have building=school or building=church, but not both at the same time). Then put the church and school as separate nodes in the building, far enough apart so they will show on the map. When done as separate nodes, it will allow data consumers to fully index and find either POI.

I have no idea what to set the land use type as however … grass … other?