Choice of right software for android device

Hello Guys,

because of a lot reasons I don’t want to use google maps anylonger and looking for an open-source alternative. OpenStreetMap is a very great project btw. which I want to use and support.
I’m looking for an open-source android app with active community and lots of features. I found the tables in the Wiki and read about 10 articles but there where too many so I hope you can give me some recommendations. I’m new to android development but already working on some apps. For example I would like to track my running route from within a fitness app for example. So good documentations / API and active community is importent for me. Using good open default datatypes is importent too. I’m totally new to maps and gps and everything around but I want to start with good expiriences in import/export tag-data etc.

I need:

OpenSource (or free with good API)
offline maps
mark places / notes with geotag
export geotags / tracks
gps location and tracks

Would be great:

offline navigation
online maps / update offline maps
Points Of Interest (on- and offline)
activ community

I’m not driving car very often but sometimes I need a navigation on my phone. Often by bike or walking and need the map more than the navigation function. But if there is an App for both like google maps: looking at map (offline) / mark places and navigate to this places for example, this would be more than great. As well I’m fine with using two apps if they can sync data (places/tags).

Can you share your experiences and ideas ?
If I got more used to work with geotags tracks etc. I would like a possibility to upload data to the OSM project but this is not a necessary feature for my first steps.

Thanks a lot
Greetings from Germany


Hi Sarbot,

Have a look at OsmAnd. It does most of what you’re looking for.

Vespucci allows you to edit the data.


I installed OsmAnd and will give it try. Thank You

Hello Sarbot,

If you are really aware of android programming, then I recommend (next to the very actively developied Osmand) the following apps or frameworks to dive into OSM related map display and similar features:

Mapsforge … to display offline vector based maps, they have a small sample app on github and a very responsive mailinglist.
Vespucci … as an opensource OSM editor, If you want to deal with raw OSM data on your device.
osmdroid … to replace GoogleMap views online and offline
OsmSharp … is another library available via github.

Also browse intensively the websited by and … they have opensource frameworks especially for android.

I wrote a blogpost about seting up Osmand for driving and contributing to OSM:

Agree Osmand all the way!

joost schouppe, great article! Thank you!

I agree too, Osmand is great, OSM maps too!

I found OsmAnd a little bit fiddly but it did work quite well for me - definitely worth a try.

+1 Osmand