Chinese names for New York City Locations

I’ve noticed and corrected a number of major locations in New York City that have been renamed in Chinese. (Main name, not alternative language name). One World Trade Center, 9/11 Memorial, and City Hall. I’ve corrected these names back to English. There are likely other names that need to be fixed.

I have one but how do you fix this ?

Usually look at the history.


I’d suggest keeping an eye on MAPS.ME edits in the USA by looking at regularly. Try and comment on users’ changesets to explain what they’re doing wrong (if they are doing anything wrong, of course).

Whilst MAPS.ME is a great way to “democratise” edits to people who otherwise wouldn’t have the ability to label things where they are, it’s likely that many (or even most) MAPS.ME users don’t realise that they’re editing OSM at all - the app UI is such that it really looks like you’re just leaving personal notes. I’ve seen a number of apologies from MAPS.ME users when they realised what they were doing.

If a user doesn’t respond it may be that they have used a throw-away email address for MAPS.ME/OSM registration - if that happens drop a mail to so that we can send them a message that they have to read before continuing.

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Andy (on behalf of the Data Working Group)

In Chinese?
At last week counted a percent of changeset comments answered by MAPSME users.
Here we see users witch made changesets in different editors.
In September we see 18813 different users of MAPSME.
These users have 517 commented changesets and only 61 (11.8%) answers.
Moreover some such users is advanced and also use some another editor.
But 94.6% MAPSME users use the only editor.
And now we see that these TRUE MAPSME users almost never answer on comments (5.8%)

Here is August data: (5.1%)

If they’re tourists in New York, I’d expect they’d speak a bit of English. At least make the attempt to communicate with them.

we’r having the same problems in europe. They see a POI, tag the name in chinese not respecting the existing name. Sometimes they even changed street names