Chiang Mai Province - Administrative Boundaries not appearing

Hi guys,

First time poster, mid-time OSM user. I’m hoping one of you lovely people can give me a hand with something I’ve picked up when working on a mini project developing out JSON files for administrative boundaries (looking to build out one for each country for a project, but then load onto GitHub for the world to use as there is nothing available in data-agnostic files, all .shp etc.)

Generally the OSM query very easily for this with something like the below: Kanchanaburi&polygon_geojson=1&format=json&countrycodes=TH&accept-language=en

And for 75 out of 76 provinces the query works, happy days. However, Chiang Mai doesn’t appear. I’ve tried dozens of variations (Chiangmai, Chiengmai, Chiang Mai Province, เชียงใหม่, etc…).

I’m curious to know wether or not Chiang Mai’s administrative region has been mapped, or if I’m being a derp and it’s easily findable but I’m missing something obvious?

Let me know if I’m in the wrong place to be asking, this is a very unique problem I’ve come across that doesn’t seem to replicate anywhere else.


It is named จังหวัดเชียงใหม่

In English this means Changwat Chiang Mai (Province Chiang Mai)

and the Relation ID is #1,908,771

Hope this helps

A broken edit on 4 March accidentally deleted most of the Chiang Mai - Lamphun border. I restored the deleted way last Saturday and fixed the Lamphun boundary relation, but failed to fix Chiang Mai’s. Nitinatsangsit has just done this.