Chelyabinsk meteor cams on map for photogrammetry & path reconstructs

Hello all,
The region of Chelyabinsk and Yekaterinburg is well mapped in OSM. If we have the still images of high quality and know the places, can we restore the trajectory with photogrammetric software?

I asked local OSM members of Chelyabinsk, they know the place very well and can tell the exact locations.

The first HD video, 180 km N
in OSM, in Yandex.Panoramas

The indifferent pedestrians, 140 km N
in OSM

The chaser, in 10 km NW
in OSM, in Yandex.Panoramas

Another view from Magnitogorsk, 720p, in 250 km SW
OSM (from the beginning of the street and to the east)

Head-on, right under the meteor
OSM (somewhere in these rows, heading 110)

I do not plan, nor have/know the software, but if anyone wishes to work on this, ask us and repost this. I guess, the distances are so big that it will take more than a flat plotting over a plane, it will require a good geoid and elevation data. If anyone has scientific interest for this, they may ask for details here (I subscribe and will help translating) or in Chelyabinsk thread.

P.S. for those who claim Russians have no emotions: :smiley:

Some guys already tried doing this with Google Earth and Sketchup, but had only 1 camera located. Sent them these links.

Stefan Geens reconstructed the path using very creative maths in his Ogle Earth blog