Checking whether street has certain tags?


I’m trying to find the feasibility of interacting with the OSM data and then checking whether a street has certain tags. For example, I want to check if some street has the speed limit tag, total lanes, etc. I eventually want to write a program where I can submit a street or many streets, and have them return only the tags I want and it’s info (if the tag exist). For example, check if maxspeed exists, if true then return the value.

Does anyone have the recommendation on doing this? What do be the best plan of approach? I do have programming experience but I haven’t done much web stuff.

Thank you

This depends on the amount of data you want to process and the device on which you want to run it. Possible solutions

  • Download an OSM extract and put it in a local Postgis database. Write queries against this database.
  • Download an OSM extract and convert it to your own (compact) format. This is how e.g. OsmAnd works on Android
  • Use Overpass to query only the street that you need at a given moment. This requires a network connection for each query.

There are usage limits on the Openpass option (as is generally the case for online APIs).

Thanks for the suggestions. Right now I’m just looking to do this using US streets, could use either Linux/Windows depending on how easy it is. I did find A second more difficult problem I was wondering whether would be possible, is identifying what hotels/restaurants/fastfood are next to the road?