cheapest way to gather data?


I just wanted to know what would be the cheapest device for gathering gps data? (below 50 euro)

can I use the i.Trek M7 (, walk around with it, and upload the tracks later on my notebook? or does the i.Trek M7 has to be connected to the notebook during walking aroung?


No. It doesn’t have any storage for trackpoints, so you will have to have it connected to the computer to be able to store something.

I use the m241 search for m241 on ebay… It’s not perfect but it works…

Have you considered getting a mobile phone with GPS? If you look around, you can probably get one on contract that won’t cost you much if you use your phone quite a bit anyway. The market in the eurozone may be different from the UK though.

Also, I see the M7 can work over bluetooth. This means you might be able to connect it to your mobile phone and use that to log the data, depending on what phone you have.



Can you use one of the cheaper bluetooth phones? I know most phones with bluetooth after 2006 supports the bluetooth profile in Java ME