changing the colours and styles of the map

Is is possible to change the colours and styles of the maps in open street map- I would like to totally simplify a map for a particular purpose and remove colours of particular elements.



OSM is a database and therefor it hasn’t any kind of style or color.

I assume you’re referring to the Map displayed on . This map is generated by a program called Mapnik. There are other programs with different purpose using different stylesheets, eg. Osmarender (try a click on the blue plus-sign on the top-right corner).

So if you want to have data rendered in a certain manner you might find someone in the web already providing a map or you have to generate your own map (eg. with

You might also find the information on How do I render my own maps for my website? helpful. It lists several possibilites of configuring your own styles and rendering maps.

Take a look at This uses OpenStreetMap data but has a customisable style editor so you can make your motorways purple and the sea yellow if you so desire.