Changing OSM username doesn't change here

Somewhat related, when a user at renames their user account the account here doesn’t “follow” the name change, and in fact I can’t immediately see how a user here can rename their account name.

We’ve just had an example of a user contributing at under “name A”, posting here as “name A”, being blocked on due to the nature of their changes, deleting that account on, creating a new account on as “name B”, posting here as “name B”, and then renaming “name B” to “name A” at

This isn’t a new problem; was the same.

This site should update the next time they login - obviously it can’t update synchronously but we have enabled the option to update the username next time they authenticate.

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TomH is right, the only thing to be aware of is that we don’t authenticate very often on Discourse.

So it’s good to know that you may have to logoff/login in order to update your details from the OSM Oauth API (including your email address if I’m right).


In the particular example that I was thinking of, the user account was actually deleted over at the OSM side so authentication by it at Discourse will never happen.