Changes to tags pushes post to top of latest

Quite a few edits today have either been adding new tags or changing tags on posts. Each of these results in any thread I’m watching appearing in my notifications. I can’t see anyway to supress edits which only affect tags (metadata) without muting any edit action.

Also the change in update of the thread time can be counterproductive. For instance one of the items was about a social meeting in Dublin last year, now bumped to April 2023 We had a similar issue on the old Help site where minor tidying to improve findability pushed old topics to the top of the latest list, which in turn led to some re-litigation of the issue. Also the user making edits altering tags does not show up in the contributors to the thread.

I don’t expect that functionality to manage any of this exists, but I would like to find some way of mitigating aspects of this both in terms of personal notifications and avoiding resurrecting old threads. We may need to be more active in closing threads which are about past activities, old software, or otherwise no longer relevant.