Changes seem not to be in database after at least 12 or more hours

Hallo !

Yesterday I editied an old railway line in JOSM and because I didn’t have internet access I just saved it in the JOSM file. At home I uploaded the data and it said, it had uploaded the data successfully.

But unfortunately the changes don’t appear in

and are not visible on my edits web page. I can’t upload the data again, because JOSM says there’d be no changes.

What is going wrong here ?



There are four different maps on the main OSM site, but I’m just assuming for a moment you’re using the ‘Mapnik’ layer. It would help if you had a link showing where that railway line should be.

How about here:

I did a load of additions yesterday (as of this writing between 12 and 24 hours ago), none of which have shown up. Over the last few days (since I started) it has generally taken between 1 and 6 hours for changes ot appear on Mapnick.

They show up on tiles@home ( ) but not on ‘Mapnik’ .

Yesterday morning (roughly 9am BST) I got a ‘Internal Server Error 500’ when trying to view the main map at . No idea of that is related.

*When I download into JOSM all of the changes are present, just not pushed to the map at

If they show up in TAH but not in Mapnik then I shouldn’t worry too much about not having it mapped correctly. Just go outside and map some more, your edit will probably appear :sunglasses:

The Mapnik database failed to update since yesterday btw. So I think this is a temporary issue.

Quite often I see uploads that are not rendered by mapnik at all zoom levels for as much as a couple of weeks, but there are usually at least two zoom levels rendered within a day. I made some changes on May 5 which were not fully rendered until May 12 or 13 and followed the pattern mentioned previously. I don’t worry about it figuring it’s in the DB, in a queue and the devs are doing what needs to be done to manage the resources that they have available to them.


In the mean time I got it confirmed that the mapnik layer is indeed not updating due to earlier DB issues. It’ll pick up tomorrow, after the regular weekly planet dump is imported.

That’s actually the sort of bulletin I’d like to see in a nice easy to find place. I have no problem with the idea that issues occur, but whenever possible I like to have a handle on why out-of-profile thing are occurring.

Just a thought.

It’s worth keeping an eye on the Platform Status page.

Looks at watch

Still waiting

Is there a chance that you or your ISP have cached the old tiles? I occasionally (on Windows) empty my cache (delete temporary internet files) when I’m waiting for changes to show. Looking at the URLs you quote above (which I haven’t previously, so won’t have the areas cached) I can’t see any obvious differences between Mapnik and Osmarender (apart from the styles) which your posts suggest there should be.

I’m also waiting for changes to show up in mapnik. I made some edits on Tuesday and they showed up in osmarender quite quickly but haven’t yet made it to mapnik. I’ve cleared the cache and haven’t had a problem with my ISP caching tiles before. If somebody wants to check, the changes are extra footpaths and a couple of roads on this link:

My guess is that something somewhere is causing a problem. Is anybody responsible for updating the status page on the wiki with this sort of thing?

Mark, If you are referring to the footway crossing Thomhill Way, then it is there at all zoom levels it should be. Curious thing is that it did not appear at first, but after playing around there a little the map refreshed. I didn’t have data cached from that area - certainly not any sort of zoom level. Maybe my ISP did, but was quick to update that data on subsequent requests.

I usually find that shift+refresh does a good job of updating pages - it forces the browser (FF) to download the entire page. Normally there is no need to dump the cache although I did try that with the problem in my previous post.


Matthew, footpath is one of the changes made in the same batch so it looks like the change is showing. I had tried two different browsers and clearer the cache in both. Oddly this morning the changes are showing for me so either the system has finally caught up or maybe it is because I did another edit in the area yesterday (which is also showing) and that forced an update.

At least I know the changes are going on even if I can’t see them. Thanks for the help

Seems to be finally catching up. Merlot Mews in New Greens, St Albans (here) is finally there on all but the two closest zoom levels and the many residential zones in the SE of St Albans are finally marked as such