Changes not rendering?

I’m new to OSM. I made some changes around my area nearly 8 hours ago and the changes do not seem to appear on the main map, despite the fact that they were made nearly hours ago. It says they’re supposed to update every few minutes? Should I just wait longer or is something wrong?

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Which particular change are you referring to? Only your changes appear to have rendered as far as I can see.

Have you tried a shift-reload in your browser to flush any cached tiles?

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Try to use Ctrl+F5 key combination to flush your browser cache (as @TomH wrote earlier). It should help. You can do it on each needed zoom level.

Reloading works but I have to do it at every zoom level to see my changes on the map.

Right but that’s only because it’s very recent on top of which you have already viewed the area causing it to be cached both in your browser and our caches - if you had come back in a week those caches would have aged out by themselves are you would have seen the new data.

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If you hit F12, you can disable caching while the debug window is open (under the Network tab for both Chrome and Firefox.) This allows you to zoom in and out repeatedly and not have to hard-refresh for every zoom level while the debug window is open.

image (chrome)

If tiles are still stuck, there is a way you can have the tile server re-render the tile, but this is rarely needed at zoom levels 13 and up.


Welcome to OSM! Don’t let that discourage you. Keep the wiki by your side and don’t go much by how the renderer show you your changes (Don’t tag for the renderer). You can force refresh as said in other replies and the changes will eventually show up on their own anyway.

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If your upload/saving of changes goes without any errors, you can be sure your changes was accepted by the osm DATABASE! Which is NOT the same thing as showing those changes in maps immediately.

Showing of the changes will depend on zoom-level, and if osm db is used by other applications, it can take days/weeks before they are shown in those applications.


In addition to the said: Depending on what you mapped, some things will never appear on a specific map. You can map almost everything in OSM, but seeing all details will be too much for the most maps. So the creators of a map (the one on is one example) will allways leave out some things.