Changes Not Found

I am making changes to the map of Puerto Rico, I save them, and I do not see the changes when I open OSM.

Why does this happen?

Hi there,

This FAQ has more information on what’s going on: FAQ - OpenStreetMap Wiki

Here’s the first part, but click through to that link to read more, especially on how to get your browser to show those changes after a few minutes by clearing your browser’s cache.

Because map images take a little while to render, the map tiles are cached, and only updated on a periodic basis, rather than immediately after you edit it.

The “standard” map appearing on tends to be updated after a couple of minutes, but can also be longer depending on server load. When you try to view the map for that area, it will flag the area to the rendering software.


I checked your recent change set:

What was the intention of your change? What I can see is, you added the name Edificio Solaris to the building. I beliefe that name has a lower priority than the restaurant in the building. The restaurant is tagged in Node. In case you wanted to change that name of the restaurant, you will need to change the point.


Thank you for your response.

Is a historic building with some locations like the restaurant.