Changes in administrative boundaries of Armenia

I propose to make changes in the administrative boundaries of Armenia. Tag:boundary=administrative - OpenStreetMap Wiki it is indicated that the 4 levels of borders in Armenia are marzes, 5 are communities and administrative districts of Yerevan. However, in reality, the city of Yerevan is already a community, and its internal administrative districts are lower in status. I propose to lower the level of administrative districts, making them 8. The wiki article above states that level 8 refers to neighbourhoods. I think that the same rule should be applied in the case of Yerevan, or at least 6 or 7, but not 5.

this classification is old, very old.

If you are planning to reconfigure the AL, please choose 8 for town/city, 9 for suburbs and 10 for neighbourhoods. This is common sense for many countries.

6 is usually for counties and therefore 7 should be something like municipatities.


In general, I think that the most correct solution, according to RA legislation and openstreetmap, is to do it this way:
4 - provinces, Yerevan city,
5 - communities,
7 - cities, administrative districts of Yerevan,
8 - villages,
9 - neighbourhoods
p.s. I want the communities of Armenia to be in 5 level, because its boundaries are more noticeable.