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Hello everyone,

some time ago, probably about 3 months ago, I was searching for bars in a small town and I immediately saw 5 bars displayed. Now, when I repeated the same query, only one bar is being displayed. However, if I specifically search for a bar by entering the name of that bar, then it is shown to me, and that node is also defined as a bar. So, my question now is:
Have the search settings changed so drastically in recent times, or where does this significant and, from my point of view, unfavorable change come from in such a short period of time?

Best regards and thank you for your help!

Can you explain in more detail where and how you are searching?

Please just ask your question once and not in multiple places.

See Changed search settings?

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Thank you for the quick response. Here’s a specific example: For instance, if one wants to see all bars in the city of Melsungen, they would enter “Melsungen” and “Pub” into the search bar. Then all bars in Melsungen should appear, including “Bierhaus Adler”, for example. However, “Bierhaus Adler” is not being displayed as a result, even though it is defined as a “Pub” and is located in Melsungen. Some time ago, it was displayed in this way, but not anymore.

In which application does this happen? There are many applications with a search bar.

In this configuration for example:
Result for Melsungen Pub | Nominatim (

Nominatim has slightly changed how it interprets your query because the old way had too many odd results. “Melsungen pub” will search for a pub named “Melsungen”. Thus it only returns you the “Alt Melsungen” pub.

Try searching for “pubs in Melsungen” and you get a list of pubs near the city centre as before.