Change road color

I’m using a software program called mapsource from Garmin to make routes for nuvi750 and 760. I want to be able to change route color as I go from via point to via point but Garmin is not willing to put any resources into making it possible. So what I was thinking if I could change the street to be red when driving down it with the gps and when I turn the corner it could be back to the original color on the gps unit. So want I want to do is to change different roads to red so when I make a route the driver would know when they see the red they are not suppose to salt that street. But this is something that you wouldn’t want saved to the server it would be no use to anyone else. Not sure if this makes sense to anyone but I hope it will.

I don’t think you can do that with any Garmin unit if Garmin itself hasn’t programmed that feature into their devices, which they haven’t. Garmin’s are closes source devices and although you can trick it you can’t teach it new tricks.


You could draw a track in Mapsource, along the road you want to follow. You can set the colour of the track in Mapsource, then send it to the Garmin. This will highlight the route that you want to follow.

This works on the eTrex etc, but I haven’t used a Nuvi, so I’m not sure if this would work on them (can you send tracks to it?).