Change of postal codes on 2019-01-01

On the first of Januari 2019 the postal codes for some streets will change. For example some streets which are now 2030 Antwerp will become 2180, due to ‘border corrections’ between district Antwerp and district Ekeren (An example being ‘Schoonbroek’).
Since I’m pretty new to OSM, I’m wondering how such changes are usually dealt with? Is there a plan to update all those postalcodes in one go, or are they gradually updated whenever someobody fixes it here and there over the comming weeks/months?

Usually, it takes time to ‘implement’ such changes, and i think that they all gonna info those changes to CRAB i think. See for example Hulshout and you also mentioned Schoonbroek . In Hulshout , i placed a note on that icon … i did not know what else i could do, because every ‘single’ change is only ‘official’ when that particular adres gets a letter from the townhall …

EDIT ; as a matter of fact (and particular around boundaries), CRAB is NOT ALWAYS ‘correct’ ; see for example →
also ; Jachtlaan 6 in Edegem is according to CRAB in 2610 Antwerpen , but according this , CRAB is INcorrect … and so are many ‘cases’ … :stuck_out_tongue:

When such a boundary moves, it would be sufficient to adapt the postal code boundary. Of course, the source of the new boundary location have to be open, compatible with OSM and reliable.

As henke54 pointed out, the sources are not always reliable.

Another problem is that people might have added postal codes to individual POIs, those would not be changed when the boundary is moved. OTOH, there is also no need to map those on individual POIs (besides a few exceptions).

I don’t know where you get the info from Henke, but in CRAB Jachtlaan nr 6 is correctly in 2650 Edegem.

The problem in OSM is most probably a accidental dragged boundary , sure looks like it.:

nope, because geopunt(crab) follows (mostly) the boundaries of that ‘ancient’ cadgis map …
EDIT ; also Urbis follows that ‘ancient’ and (mostly) out of date CADGIS map … that is why there are so much confusing ‘errors’ in Brussels also … :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for all your answers!