Change Administrative Name


How do I change the name of an administrative district in the editor? It seems like I need to split one district into two.


Country: Turks and Caicos:
Region: Providenciales (island)

I’m working on fixing the map for Providenciales as we’ll be integrating it on our site. The main island of Providenciales is grouped in an administrative district of ‘Provinciales and West Caicos’. This is not a local administrative or voting district or anything. ‘Provinciales’ is not the correct spelling, and this shouldn’t be grouped in with West Caicos. These are two completely different islands.

This appears to have been a carry-over from Bing Maps, which has this grouping on their maps. However, Bing Maps is wrong (they also incorrectly call our Middle Caicos ‘Grand Caicos’, a name which is 150+ years old).

Could someone please point me in the right direction? I’ve looked through the editor but can’t find anything. Is this a permissions issue?


If there has been a carry over from Bing Maps, there has been a copyright breach as OSM has no licence to use other than certain of Bing’s aerial imagery.

In any case, you seem to be trying to fix something that was fixed almost a month ago:

There are at least three editors in common use. If you mean iD, if you enter it with the admin boundary selected it is easy, otherwise select the island, and then select the boundary from the list of relations. But you are 29 days too late!

Thanks! It seems to be a cache issue with the map tiles. If I zoom in all the way, it correctly changes to ‘Providenciales’. Some zoom levels it still says ‘Provinicials and West Caicos’ (for me at least). I’ll recheck in a couple of days to make sure the tiles have updated.


I have gone and fixed the name for East Caicos, another one of our islands. It was set to ‘Caicos and East Caicos’, which was incorrect.

Thank you for your help!