[CFP] CityGML + OSM2World Java development

Hi there,

I suggested to start an teamwork on CityGML support for OSM2World. My background is, that I learned that 3DCityDB offers a great stack to store, process and stream 3D data based on CityGML.

The 3DCityDB is based on a Java lib citygml4j to handle the file format. As OSM2World has great ability to parse 3D in OSM ( Simple3DBuildings, micromapping including city furnitures, nature, DEM with bridges / tunnels, external 3D models, …), I thought that connecting both tools would be a great chance to present the abilities of our dataset :slight_smile:

So I asked Tordanik as OSM2World maintainer, because also other users requested CityGML export. At 3dcitydb / citygml4j Claus Nagel offered support to add the format to O2W.
If you are interested in this topic and might want to help on the Java code, just get in contact. Personally I lack of time and skills to give support, but will try to bring all folks together.