Cerca virtual - geofence

Tenho um sistema em desenvolvimento HTML/PHP que preciso colocar um cerca virtual em openstreetmap mas não encontro nada relacionado a isso. Alguem poderia me ajudar ou quem sabe me passar onde encontro alguma fonte para implantar essa função ?

Muito obrigado a todos.

I have a system in HTML / PHP development that I need to place a virtual fence on openstreetmap but I can’t find anything related to that. Could someone help me or maybe tell me where I can find a source to implement this function?

Thank you all.

Take a look at leafletjs, https://leafletjs.com/ and openlayers, https://openlayers.org .
Both libraries have methods to draw a polygon or to integrate one, or more, from an external source, such as a geojson file.
The tutorial at https://openlayers.org/workshop/pt/ may help you to understand what you can do and how to do it.
PS: English version, https://openlayers.org/workshop/en/, probably addresses better your requirements.