Census results in Namibia

Hello everyone,

First time on this forum and first topic. Please correct me if this is not the right place or way to ask this question. I’m still a rookie on OSM as well.

Last week Namibia Statistics Agency published their preliminary census results from the 2023 Census: 2023 Population & Housing Census – Preliminary Report – Namibia Statistics Agency

These are the first reliable statistics since 2011 Census. Can we use this public data in OSM or WikiData? I’m really fond of improving the Namibian OSM. Please learn me the basics of using public data and how to tag them correctly.

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Anyone any suggestions?

Hi YanniX,
do you know that wiki Page or the information from the OSM Foundation?

In general it is okay to use public data. It is important to make sure that you are allowed to use the data for OSM purposes.
The best way is to contact the Namibia Statistics Agency and ask them for their consent.
You should mention this data source in your change set.

edit: If these are the preliminary results, it may be wise to wait for the final numbers. But of course you can ask already.

One more thing:
If you get the permission by the authorities, it is useful to document this on this wiki page.