Celebrating International Women's Day

Hi all, there is a nice initiative to gather together info on all the OpenStreetMappy events celebrating International Women’s Day 2024 (on the OSM wiki).

Know of an event that’s not on there and should be? Want to attend an event? Want to nominate someone for the *Open Mapping Women Awards?

Just go here: International Women's Day 2024 - OpenStreetMap Wiki


This initiative is truly uplifting! Celebrating the achievements of women in the Open Street Map community is not only a wonderful way to honor their contributions but also to inspire and empower others. It’s heartening to see efforts being made to ensure inclusive and recognition within the community. Kudos to everyone involved in organizing and participating in these events.


It’s the #InternationalWomensDay Week! The HOT CommunityWG is encouraging everyone to add iwd2024 initiatives, stories and events in the openstreetmap wiki! Help us amplify as well!

:purple_heart:International Women's Day 2024 - OpenStreetMap Wiki

Check this post/ thread for the list of amazing initiatives!

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It’s always a win when we motivate Women in the open mapping community. I personally have requested many of my friends to contribute to OSM. Since it is WOMEN special, I have also asked my friends to participate for the Open Mapping Women Awards who has been contributing all along for the humanitarian purpose.
Happy mapping.


:fire:ARE YOU READY FOR IT??:mega:
We invite you to the AWARDING CEREMONY for the Open Mapping Women Awards 2024! :purple_heart:

It will be a night to celebrate women in open mapping, as well as community and projects that strive to make our spaces more welcoming and inclusive! :rainbow::world_map::heart_on_fire:

Register now:bangbang:
short link: Meeting Registration - Zoom
direct link: Meeting Registration - Zoom
Please help us share and invite your friends/networks!

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