Category page "Users in Peterborough"

Hi wiki team

I’m a user in Peterborough (UK) and planned to add myself to the category page “Users in Peterborough”

But that’s the Peterborough in Ontario, Canada.

I then tried to make a category page within the Users in East Anglia page, but failed there too - I put a link in but nothing appears in the preview.

I’m trying to get a ‘users in Peterborough’ page that is in the UK. How do I do that?


Edward /eteb3


I suggest you create a new category Users in Peterborough. You can add yourself to the category by placing

[[Category:Users in Peterborough]]

at the very bottom of your page. (I moved the other category to Users in Peterborough, Ontario. Please ignore the red warning about that.).

Similarly, you can add the new category to “Users in East Anglia” by placing

[[Category:Users in East Anglia]]

on the category page. The previews will be almost empty, but below the editing window you can see the new categories popping up.