Category name for tags that have units as values

I want to group under a category some tags that have some kind of unit as the value, but I’m not sure how should I name it.
I was thinking of either [[Category:Units]] or [[Category:Measurement]].

Example of tags being added would be:
min_age=* (the unit is years)

Which name do you suggest?

I would name it like the existing []]( “Category:Keys:Units”

In this case, I think it would be better to use [[Category:Units]] instead, because the [[Category:Keys:*]] scheme is pretty much abandoned nowadays.

I’m not doing much in the OSM-Wiki and just found this by chance, so your choice might be better. Between “Units” and “Measurments” “Units” sounds more fitting to me, because several of them are not actually measured. And as always: Be bold :wink:

Would it perhaps make sense to add a “value type” parameter to the infobox on the right? I feel this would be useful information and it could also set the categories automatically.

By value type do you mean things like:

  • Decimal
  • Integer
  • Boolean (yes/no)
  • OnlyYes

And perhaps other fields for:

  • Multi-values or single-value
  • Required tags
  • Regular expression

I think it could be useful for validation.
Depending on how it turns out we might even create a new template instead of extending the *Description templates.

Yes, that’s roughly what I imagined. In the context of units, I’m also thinking of types like “speed”, “measuerement” or “weight”.