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Països Catalans (Catalan Countries)

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A subcategory on Communities

Description of its purpose and which open mapping groups it will serve

Forum in Catalan and/or for questions about OSM in Catalan countries area

Why is this new category needed instead of being hosted as part of the existing ones?

A OSM community in Catalan already exists, and we decided to be also present in this platform

Is this a new space or does it already exist on other platforms? Where?

Currently, the Catalan Countries OSM community use different spaces (Fb, OSM wiki, matrix, telegram, mail list, … )

Current volume of messages on the former platforms, if any (per week/per month)

The most active channels are telegram and matrix with a dozen messages a day approx

Is there a transition plan for the old platform to this new one? (please link or describe)

We will keep the old channels in parallel with the new one.

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OSM Etiquette Guidelines

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I am glad to be part of the moderators team of the catalan community

Thanks for the request.

I assume this is a request for a language-based category. In that case, for consistency with other languages the name of the category should be “Català (Catalan)”

While we wait for the proposed moderators to comment here they are OK with the role, it would be great if you could edit the initial message adding next to their usernames in these forums and a brief description on why each moderator was proposed. This is asked as part of the process to provide transparency and allow a community conversation to happen here.

As per the current Moderation Selection Criteria note that for the list of moderators to be approved, 5 days of community discussion will need to take place here (always including weekend days) and then a voting poll to validate the list by the community will be open for another 5 days too.

Thanks again!

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After more than 10 years inside the community and with experience in some specific kind of editions I’m also glad to be part of the moderators team of the Catalan community.

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I was volunteerig before as a forum moderator in SinVergüenza (an LGBTQIA+ students organization) and since 2014 I am involved in the Catalan OpenStreetMap community and its online channels like twitter and telegram (where we have more than 250 members).

You know, you can post and discuss anywhere in this forum in Catalan. I thought those categories were for countries or regions, not for languages.

Categories for language-based communities were also approved:

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@jmaspons Hi there, could you please confirm my previous question about the request? Thanks!

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Waiting for @jmaspons to confirm here.


  • name should be: “Català (Catalan)”
  • subtext can be like in twitter: “Catalan OSM community”
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Five days have passed for the community discussion so now a voting poll is opened for another five days to validate the final list.

The list will be validated if it gets at least 80% of yes votes. Note that votes (who voted what) are public to help identify any abuses.


Do you approve @jmaspons @yopaseopor @Carlos_Sánchez to be category moderators for the “Català (Catalan)” category?
  • Yes I approve
  • No, I don’t approve (please comment below)

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As @Carlos_Sánchez said name should be: “Català (Catalan)” and the subtext can be like ours in Twitter: “Catalan OSM community”


In our telegram group, there are also people writing in Spanish about topics related to the Catalan Countries area (the area where Catalan language is spoken). Anyway, «Català (Catalan)» it’s fine for me if everybody agrees.


The #communities:lang-ca category is now created and the approved moderators have been added to the group.

Please make sure you request an update to the OSM Community Index to include this new channel for your community and remove any former/inactive one.

Also, please make sure you edit the “About community category” topic to include a link to OSM Etiquette in your language, you can provide a translation if needed on the wiki.



Great! Can we add a title and the logo? I haven’t found how to add them. Perhaps I don’t have perms?

Logo added, thanks! :slight_smile:

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Hi, can you put the logo with transparency please?
I attach it the .png


Edit: I have corrected the transparency in the svg and png files at the wiki, my apologies.

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Thanks, updated now!

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