Cat Hai - Cat Ba Bridge Project Keeps Undoing

So i was trying to add several edits of the Cat Hai - Cat Ba Bridge project in Vietnam, but Hoang Tuan Viet keeps reverting my edits and leaves discussions on my edit history, then i uploaded two videos on YouTube to know anyone that this is a real project. I just kept arguing to Hoang Tuan Viet and Fizzie about this project until someone blocks my account, so now can anyone give me a reason why Hoang Tuan Viet keeps reverting my edits?

Because you yourself have admitted that the bridge doesn’t exist!

According to locals, there is no official interest in even thinking about it, let alone planning or eventually building one.

Your personal desire to see a bridge there doesn’t mean that it gets shown in OSM.

Graeme Fitzpatrick

OSMF Data Working Group


I’m kinda confused by the youtube video of you showing that you added this bridge in the iD editor. What is this supposed to show us? How does that make this bridge real?

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I make sure that these two video will know everyone that this is a real bridge project Thiskal. How about can you go to Youtube and find the Cat Hai - Cat Ba Bridge videos, then discuss it on that website?

It should be mapped on OpenStreetMap if it’s currently under construction or officially approved project. “Officially approved” in terms of state/local government/municipality.

Alright then, but can we discuss it on Cat Hai - Cat Ba Bridge video comments on Youtube sure. I can tell that this is a real project and wanna a bridge there to de-island Cat Ba.

If what you need is map support for your very real bridge project, may I suggest that you use uMap to create your own data layer on top of OSM, and come back to making modifications in OSM when the bridge is actually built?


This doesn’t answer if the bridge is indeed under construction or officially approved by the state. Is there any reliable source pointing that it’s officially approved by the state, rather than a Youtube video?


Okay guys can you look for Cat Hai - Cat Ba Bridge video on YouTube and discuss it in YouTube comments please. You will see.

And again, this is a real bridge project guys.

nobody questions the project. There is support for that kind of project in the OSM ecosystem. Just not the OSM database itself.


Okay now can you go to that link for Cat Hai - Cat Ba Bridge project video on YouTube, and discuss there in comments guys. I swear this is a real bridge project.

If you don’t let us help you understand how OSM works there’s no point coming to this forum asking for help, don’t you think?


So that means you telling me that this is a not a real bridge project sure?

Moderator stepping in here. The dispute over whether a bridge exists or doesn’t exist can be settled quite simply, by showing evidence that it exists. If it is under construction it can be shown with the “construction=yes” tag. Planned structures are problematic and before considering mapping them, one should read Verifiability - OpenStreetMap Wiki (Planned features).

If Bvonter23 is in an edit war over a planned bridge that is not under construction, Bvonter23 should take the matter up with the Data Working Group. I am closing this thread because the discussion is unproductive and has begun to appear to relate more to trolling than to mapping actual, mappable objects.