Car wash with both full service and self service options

I found a car wash today that offers a choice of having your car washed by a staff member or washing it yourself. For the second option there is self_service=yes, but if tagged only with this tag it creates the impression that that is the only service option available there. How to tag that full service is also offered?

for that we have self_service=only

self_service=yes seems fine in your case


self_service=only is not mentioned as a possible value on the car wash wiki, though. Maybe it should be mentioned?

This logic would mean that a amenity=car_wash is assumed to always have full service available unless it is tagged with self_service=only or automated=only. I doubt if most mappers understand the wiki like that, and suspect that many car washes tagged with self_service=yes or automated=yes do not offer full service.

Think it fits with the JOSM preset which has tick boxes for automated and self service.


A tag/tickbox for (handwash) service=only or similar would be helpfull too as guidance. Many car washes have both automated and self service. Some have only the ‘we’ll wash it for you’, some advertise ‘hand_wash service’, and at 10 Euro it’s ludicrous cheap. Fresh from the factory cars have not yet hardened paint which automated car washes can scratch with well worn brushes.

BTW the self_service tick box clicked twice generates self_service=no which implies they’ll do the job for you.