Car on bicycle route

I have recently changed part of Lindestien, 4300 Tølløse, Denmark as a bicycle path, not allowed for motor cars.
When I use “OpenStreetMap/Routing Service” from Lat 55.6133, Lon 11.7834 to Lat 55.6135, Lon 11.7842 it shows accept of going with car on the bicycle path.
Could somebody help me about what I made wrong?

How recently did you change it?
Assuming you are using , note that it says at the bottom of the page “Routing data from planet file: 2011-12-09”. So it won’'t have any changes in OpenStreetMap since that date.

There are other routing services using OSM data, which may be more up to date. eg try Open Mapquest: or more options on this page:
Or wait a while, until YourNavigation is updated.

your data for the way seems to be o.k. :

some comments: You don’t need bicycle=yes / motor_vehicle = no , because this
is implied by hw=cycleway.

If the way is also allowed for pedestrians you should add foot=yes .


Thank you Vclaw and chris66.
My contribution was done on Febr. 13 2012, and therefore not yet included on

Thorben Lundsgaard