Capture with wm6 tytn II

Hello all,

New london uk mapper, ( found out at lugradio live yesterday)

I’m looking for a way to record gps data on my windows mobile 6 tytn, so i can hit record and trace roads paths etc or just record a location of a post box etc.

How can I do this? I’m googling hard for soft to put onto my phone but no luck as yet.

Thank you in advance



There’s lots of info in our wiki regarding mobile phones and track making:

Good luck

Thank you Lambertus, will read those, also the best ive found so far is mapwelt, and it seems to have native support for OSM! Cool :slight_smile: Not sure how usefull it is yet as i’ve only just installed it.


Well, it would be nice if you could post some info here when you’ve gained some insights in the usability of the various applications that you’re testing…