can't tell my navit.xml where to find navitmap.bin :-((

Hi, i tried to install navit several times on the external sd-card of my samsung s3 mini.
I followed these instructions.
It looks like the installed navit doesn’t read my hand-created navit.xml. In this textfile, i wrote down the path to my external sd-card “/storage/extSdCard”. But it looks like the navit program has another registration of the installed maps. It doesn’t find the navitmap.bin on my sd-card, but it finds it when i move it to the internal card! When I install another map by using the navit-surface, the map is too installed in the internal sd-card (/storage/sdcard0). There, it is found and displayed. But there is not enough place on the internal sd-card :frowning:

How can i tell navit to use the external sd-card?

When i look in the downloaded apk, there are several xml’s in res/raw: navithdpi.xml, navitldpi.xml, navitmdpi.xml, navitxhdpi.xml, navit…hdpi.xml and navit…hdpi.xml. Perhaps, one of these navit####.xml’s is used for running the program, and the extracted navitldpi.xml, which i changed and stored as /storage/extSdCard/navit.xml is not recognized?

I hope you can help me, i like navit very much, but it should run on the external sd-card…

Here the first part of navit.xml

(i do not succeed in writing it in a code-field…)

Maybe some more hints are at ?

And what android version do you use?

Because on Android 4.4 and later there are changes where apps have their data / write permission on external SD cars … are you aware of this?

I found the place to write down the path to the navitmap.bin.
Very easy.
2 Ways:

  1. Click on monitor - Werkzeuge - Kartenort festlegen.
    (in English perhaps:Click on the monitor - Tools - card-directory)
  2. Function key - Kartenort festlegen

My problem was that these ways did not work in an earlier version, so i solved it changing the navit.xml. Now, there is no need for this hard way.
Another actual, but small problem: My map is on the external sd card, but the indicatet “Current directory” is /mnt/, and it works.
When i select extSdCard, the indicated “current directory” after closing and restarting Navit remains /mnt/.
Strange, but it works.