Can't see Maproulette tasks in Vespucci

As far as I understand, Vespucci can handle and show MapRoulette tasks. But I can’t see anything, but I don’t understand if I have to activate a setting or Maproulette support has been disabled.

Just to summarize:

  • enable the task layer if it isn’t.
  • turn on the display of Maproulette tasks in the task layer configuration.
  • generate an API key for your account on the maproulette website. The key should be automatically saved in your OSM account (this is a recent enhancement) and be retrieved from there by the app. If that doesn’t work you may need to set it via the “Set MapRoulette API key” function in the “Tools” menu.
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Yes, Vespucci has support for Maproulette

It looks to me you have to set a MapRoulette API key for it to work and likely you have to enable the layer.