Can't get polygon boundary box to work

I am trying to retrieve part of French Polynesia. However, I wish to exclude the islands (Austral Islands) in the south west corner of the map. I am trying to use a polygon to exclude the Austral Islands. I use the query below, but it is returning the whole of French Polynesia. The polygon bounding box seems to have no effect. When I add the polygon to the out geom command (out geom(poly:“-22 -156 -22.11 -148.22 -25.07 -133.54 -13.55 -133.44 -13.61 -156.0 -22 -156”); ) I get a syntax error. What is the correct syntax to exclude this unwanted piece of French Polynesia?

rel["name:en"="French Polynesia"](poly:"-22 -156 -22.11 -148.22 -25.07 -133.54 -13.55 -133.44 -13.61 -156.0 -22 -156");
out geom;

Rather than messing about with overpass, download the data you want to select from, create a geojson file and use osmium to select the data your want from it. Here is some example code that uses this to select from this download. It’s a really simple format - see here.