Can't get map to download!

Just started looking at this site & had a lot of problems.
So I have chosen a simple start example.
I input a single UK post code & clicked on export.
I chose to open with Open Office Writer, because that is the package I use.
The output was just a long list of typing.
So what am I doing wrong?

You’ve exported a section of the map itself, not a rendered image. If you want a rendered image, you need to use the share icon in the right hand menu, the rectangle with the arrow coming out of the top right corner. You will then need to select a format that Open Office likes.

OK, thanks I’m moving forward!
Can now get a map to download to Computer but only to Windows Photo Viewer.
Any ideas how I can select Apache Open Office Write to download to?

That’s a Windows and/or Open Office question, or even a web browser one.

You can either drag and drop it from the downloads folder or, assuming Open Office hasn’t diverged from Libre Office, in this respect, use Insert → Image → From File, in Open Office, again using the downloads folder.

You need to do it as a download, rather than a view, in the browser, or you need to save it from image viewer, in which case substitute wherever you saved it for “downloads”, in the above.

Many thanks, I’ve got it now.
Can now download maps from this site to OO Write.
Perhaps over the weekend I’ll look at adding map to my Garmin Sat Nav.

PS Still not getting e mails on replies to my posts!