Can't get map on garmin 64s

I am trying to get three tiles from Colombia onto my Garmin 64s handheld. After downloading the “osm…for mac” onto my MacBook Pro, I try to open it and it asks me if I want to open in install. I click yes. I can’t find where it is installed. I’ve tried dragging the file onto my Garmin, and I can see it, but it doesn’t open and certainly doesn’t give me a map. What to do?

What actual files are you downloading, and from where? I have a GPSMap64s here and just copy the gmapsupp.img file to the “Garmin” directory of the device (I’m creating my own Garmin map based on OSM data rather than downloading it, but the principle is the same).

Thanks. I was adding an unnecessary step, now it is all good. Thanks for responding.