Can't find an adress with very long streets


I am adding house numbers in Geneva right now, and i did some tests for searching streets with the openstreetmap web site. In general i have no problems, but i found that i can’t find addresses with a long street which goes through several towns. The street name is ‘Route de Saint-Julien’ (French name). If you look for a given number, for instance ‘183 route de Saint-Julien’, with this street, it will display all streets with different towns in the search results. But if you click on one of these town, the map displayed has nothing to do with the street number. If the map is near the address when you start the search, the search result is working fine.

The search box & the map display are not connected (at least on you may need to specify the commune as well for searches to work well.

For this type of thing it is worth looking at exactly how Nominatim perceives your search term: use (or click on the details option in the search results).