Cant Export at all. Extent doesnt matter.

My last post didnt show up so I write it again because its urgent. I am trying to download a map of the buildings for Manila (Philippines). However, if I ve made a rectangle and click on export nothing happens. The export button is grey and no data is downloaded. Any idea?

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Ok I now finally have a map.osm document. However, it just a couple of Kb big. How do I get it into shapefile? How do I get the buildings from a certain extent?

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You have successfully downloaded your region of interest from the OSM-Database. Now you should use a tool like to extract the desired data from this file. Using you can skip this step in the future.

To convert your OSM-Date to a shape file this post might help:

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Wow I am impressed such a fast reply! Thanks guys. I think I got it now I have the OSM Tool for ArcGis and the OSM file. I hope it works get it with the buildings into GIS.

I also checked out the link you have posted but no shp:

Speichere/Kopiere als GeoJSON

Speichere/Kopiere als GPX

Speichere/Kopiere als KML


Rohdaten direkt von Overpass API

In einen OSM-Editor laden: JOSM, Level0

GeoJSON als gist speichern

→ service unavailable anyone knows why???

I need the boundaries of manila city and found this as answer:

"You can get polygon coordenates in json for using with googlemaps using openstreetmap. Go to search a place like “Partido de Ituzaingó”

click on “details”

Look for OSM ID and copy it (control+c), example: 2018776

paste the ID in and download the polygon"

EDIT is what I need

However, if I click on WKS its just a bunch of numbers. There is no file to be downloaded or am I blind?

If you want shapefiles, the easiest way to go is to download them from .

If you only want shapefiles of boundaries, go to

BTW, nominatim works for me now. Since it is the search engine behind, it works almost all the time. I wonder what went wrong for you.

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thanks for your answer but I think you misunderstood me. I need a boundary layer of Manila City ( not just from a country. The instruction above should work I have read it several times but I dont know how they did it.

Do you guys know how they did the last step? “download” it ? (

If I click on WKT which should be the right format or if I click on any other link I get just a bunch of codes and numbers.

In your web browser click on File → “Save page as…” → enter a valid filename and you are done.

You can download any administrative boundary via the link I provided, but you have to drill down, via country to state/province etc. until you find the right boundary. You can export it immediately to a shape file

Screenshot from the wambacher’s site:

This will only export the boundary itself, no other data like highways, buildings etc.