Can't authenticate maps. contact seller for help

Hi. I have a map and when in use that, I see this error. What’s this and how can I fix it?
I can not use latin1. This map is UTF-8.

Can you provide at least some information about where you got the map from, how you installed it, and what device you’re using?

I downloaded from
I coped img file to my device.
Device : Map64s
Map is UTF-8

I’m afraid utf8 is not supported by your device, see also section Compatibility - Standard (Unicode) vs Non Unicode (cannot authenticate maps)

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so my device not support UTF-8? i think map64s is not old device. so why it not support UTF-8?
i want to use iran map. and fonts are not correct in latin map.

Seems garmin has added some sort of security block on new devices? There seems to be a workaround to change the codepage from 6500 to 1252.
On a Dutch forum someone suggest to change it with ImgTool ( ). Change codepage in the LBL field into 1252.
I 'm not familiar with codepages, see and use google translate or ask on forum.
Otherwise, thrash your Garmin and use a smartphone :frowning:

Load your img, goto codepage, check all LBL subfiles, enter the new code page 1252, apply, close and exit.

thanks. i have to check that.i find that : codepage 65001 = UTF-8 and codpage 1252 = Latin1
i think that this change make map from utf-8 to latin. but i have to test the map after this change on my device.

I’m afraid you are right, in Basecamp the map fonts are looking rubbish again :frowning:
Don’t know if there are other solutions sorry.

do you know what device support UTF-8? maybe i have to change my device.

I think only the older units like Garmin Oregon 600. Better forget Garmin, they suck. :open_mouth:
Please also read
I fear that they are going to block non official Garmin maps sooner or later.

so whats your idea? i need a gps device. i want to use device for jungle and mountains and outdoor.

Other alternatives are:
Use your smartphone or
Accept latin1 as character set or
Buy official garmin maps or
Sell your garmin and get an older garmin device?

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smartphone is not ok in deep jungles and battery life is a big problem.
garmin don’t have official map for my country (Iran) :(:(:(:(:frowning:
which device? if older device support UTF-8 i will sell my device.

I’ll check my Garmin Oregon 600:

Works! Looking at the list from,
I’ll guess a Garmin gpsmap 62 or an Etrex 30 (not 30x) will work fine too.

your device is Montana 600 on Oregon 600? do you know some one have map62?

I have an Oregon 600. I’m not sure if a map 62 works but I guess it should work too*).
Please ask this too at the mkgmap mailing list, where the developers of those maps are, this topic is very helpful to understand what will work and what not, thanks for posting this!

*) based on this post

its so hard to trust sites. i afraid to change my device. i could not find oregon 600. and i afraid to choose another device :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:
what the hell is this problem :rage: :rage: :rage::mad:

Well, you could blame Garmin for protecting their devices from piracy and free OSM maps.
The problem is that Garmin never supported our maps and have the right to do so.
If you don’t like it, just don’t buy a Garmin.

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I don’t have any choice. I need something like this. If you know another good brand tell .
I’m trying to find if garmin map66 or map 62 is ok,then I will change. Thank you for your help.