Candidacy for site moderator status: mcliquid

@mcliquid, one of the category moderators of Österreich (Austria), has volunteered to serve as site moderator.

I’ve opened this thread to allow the community to discuss and ask questions about the application. Next week, a member of @forums-governance will start a poll according to the moderator selection criteria.


Thanks @mcliquid for stepping up! It would be great if we could look at some links to threads where @mcliquid has moderated in the Austria category to get a sense of how they approach conflict resolution. They’ll be German-language, but the translate function works great :slight_smile:. I would offer that this should be a standard request for any category moderator stepping up to be a site moderator as people outside that community may not be familiar with their activities.


To be honest, I probably can’t give you a link to it because - luckily - we’ve never had a case where I’ve had to verbally moderate. Or do you remember @Negreheb ?

My work so far has been limited to splitting posts in the Austrian forum.

I have made myself available as a temporary moderator during the voting phase in the German forum. Things actually escalated a bit among the discussants there, but I probably had to search for a long time for a relevant post in the entire discussion thread.
I remember at least that there were some user bans back then.
Follow up: here is the relevant thread: Umfrage und Abstimmung: Wiederholung der Moderatorenwahl


Moderation happens behind the scenes? With moderator hat on, mcliquid contacted me once through the OSM channel regarding a post of mine to this forum, where I mentioned full name of a certain person behind a brigade of sockpuppets. Not that this name is not widely known in the community, but seems the person tortured mcliquid with a lot of messages of being doxed all the time. (The person sent messages with different topics to others too, I was told, a perfect case for the new “mute” feature.) So in the forum I replaced the name with a link to a search for the name, titled “an old acquaintance”. mcliquid was not fully convinced, yet I left it at that and received no more notice.

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Recently I asked @mcliquid for a split and I’d say this got handled in a timely manner. The split topic got moderate attention so I started CC-BY aerials - good or bad?

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As a moderator in the German forum, I would like to take this opportunity to thank @mcliquid once again for taking on this task, which was certainly anything but easy at the time, of accompanying the hotly debated moderator confirmation as an external and independent “election manager”.


I’m now starting the poll about @mcliquid’s candidacy. It will be open for five days and succeed if it gets at least 80% yes votes. Note that votes will be public to help identify any abuses.

Do you approve @mcliquid as site moderator for the OpenStreetMap Community Forum?
  • Yes I approve
  • No, I don’t approve (please comment below)
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I publicly vote yes, it’s clear that @mcliquid has the support of the community that they’re currently moderating and there have been no voiced concerns.


I felt I don’t know mcliquid enough to vote in this election, so I clicked on their profile to see if their posts in general would give me an opinion.

But since their profile is set to private I will not vote.

Completely forgot to answer - i don’t remember a thread with a need for verbal moderation, but with moderation-questions: you answer questions in a timely and calm manner that is fitting for a position like this.

I fully support your candidacy as site moderator.

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I’ve set it to public :slight_smile:


No idea if that belongs here, I do not vote at all, because the candidate in the area of my local knowledge busily fixes notes and sometimes the corresponding edits show such a severe lack of local knowledge, that I’d prefer notes growing stale and him doing nothing.

I assume you have commented on afflicted notes and warned the editor of issues you’ve had with those? How did they respond and did the same issue repeat after that discussion(s)?

It would be nice if you would link to such notes, so people could check for themselves how they responded to such complaints (as their response to raised issues might be relevant for the moderation, IMHO)

Yes, I comment. I reopen notes, or place new notes. I also visit place as time permits. Recently a third party fixed a re-opened note. Looking at the number of notes fixed for good, the majority of, my concern is just about being a bit too eager in fixing for the sake of it.

I already stated, that the candidate qualifies for moderation in my opinion. I did not mean to spoil the effort. Just got reminded of that concern from the prompt above.

That’s an overwhelmingly positive result. Congratulations to @mcliquid!

@forums-governance is now going to configure a new group and the necessary permissions. In the meantime, I’d like to remind everyone about the ongoing call for site moderators and encourage those who may still be on the fence about volunteering for a site moderator position to step forward.