Canarien Islands


I quickly want to generate a Garmin map with mkgmap for the canarian islands, especially Tenerife. Where can I download the OSM-Data? Geofabrik has only “Spain” and I am not sure, if these islands are included.

If anyone knows where to download a finished file that I can directly put on my SD card, please tell me also.

A map of the Canaries is downloadable here

Provided by this site.

If you would like to do it yourself, you have to download Africa-extract from Geofabrik and cut out your area eg. with osmconverter or osmosis.

Thanks! This helps a lot. The quick solution of directly download a gmapsupp.img rescued me. If there is some time left I will also try the africa extract.

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There are also a separate files for the canary islands available in section “Africa” (